To follow the plan or create your own new plan?

I originally drafted this blog post in 2017—for some reason it never made the cut. But I’m tweaking it because it should make the cut. So here it is.

Based on goals, intentions, resolutions, whatever you may call them from the end of the year, start of the new year, how do you size up? 

I don't know about you but whenever I decide the things I want to accomplish in the new year, some things naturally come to the forefront and others fall to the wayside. Exhibit A: sticking to a work out routine and sticking to a blogging routine. (When I originally drafted this post—I started a 12 week program in the fall and stuck through it to finish week 12. I was so proud of myself and happy with how hard it pushed me, I started it again this month.) NOW is a different story unfortunately, because moving to a new state COMPLETELY changes your routine. While I felt very accomplished with my work out plans at the time, my last blog post was months ago: not so impressive.

Day-to-day routine or not-so routine kicks in and sometimes throws off the plan. And the "plan" is likely to evolve over time as well. That certainly happened here with FSC. When “doors first opened”, FSC's target was mainly companies looking for help with branding, promotion, and social media skills by way of graphic design. When posts were first being shared through the blog, topics were geared towards these companies.  

Two years later—now FOUR YEARS LATER, FSC has expanded to include a major branch of the brand: wedding and event stationery and signage, along with hand lettered details AND etsy. Four years later, the blog has expanded to cover anything FSC related. It's more personal and maybe even more relatable? Posts aren't following any type of routine (like they should) but they're covering a broader spectrum of topics. 

The point here is that while things may not always go according to "plan" and the original goals you set out to accomplish may change, maybe it's for the best...because maybe you'll just accomplish something better instead!

Regardless, goal setting seems to come and go but I think it should be a constant. If you’re not working towards something, how do you stay motivated? It may have to do with that “30” number ringing in my ears being right around the corner. It may have to do with moving across states lines. Who knows. But I know that I need to keep myself motivated by setting goals regularly. Even if they’re teeny tiny ones like regularly brushing the dogs teeth—why is that such a tough one?! Well…I’m working on it.

 Until next time…


New New

Well if you’ve been following along with social media or visited the website lately, you’ll notice that Free Spirit Creative has a new HQ! Since I’m the only one running this bad boy, whenever I move, so does the business. We are now located in Kansas City, MO!

A lot of things have led us to this decision and we’ve only been here a couple of weeks so we’re still in the “getting settled” phase of living here. I’m looking for a job to have in addition to running FSC but since I am at the in between phase, I’m able to focus more on FSC than I was with my previous full-time job. Because of this, I have some company updates!

  • the FSC Pinterest account is officially a business account—which is a minor change but necessary :)

  • the first digital download is available in the etsy shop! (yay!)

  • the etsy shop is updated

  • working on networking for the KC wedding industry to introduce FSC to the new market

That’s it for now but new designs are in the works for different products to be added to the etsy shop. Anything you’d like to have as an acrylic sign? Hit me up! Always looking for fun new ideas!